"Is This One?"

Frequently Asked Dead Presidents Questions

Why Haven't You Finished The Tour Yet??

Truth be told, there are two reasons that the final three graves haven't yet been graced by yours truly:

  1. My kids are now school-age and I don't have as much time anymore.
  2. The site got so popular that I actually was receiving calls from television shows offering to pay for my trips to the sites I haven't yet visited: Because of this, I sort of decided, heck, if someone else will pay, I'll wait and make these trips with the media!

    Of course, since at least one of these offers, I funded my own way to Andrew Johnson's grave, so maybe I'm not completely stalled waiting, but at least I've slowed down, hoping.

Now if you guys reading this would just call the Letterman and Leno shows and get me on there (where everyone says I should be, but who am I to toot my own horn?), maybe we'd get the tour completed quicker.