James Madison's Obituary

[From the Connecticut Observer, Saturday, July 9, 1836]

     Ex-President Madison.--- The dead of Ex-President Madison, though an event not unexpected, has produces a sensation in the public mind corresponding with the distinguished talents and exalted character of the deceased. He was born March 17th, 1850; was a member of the Legislature of Virginia, 1775; one of the Counsil of the same State, 1776; member of Congress of the Revolution, and of the Convention which formed the Constitution of the United States; one of the principal contributors to the celebrated work 'The Federalist;' was elected a member of the First Congress, in which body he remained many years; was made Secretary of State under Jefferson, March 5th, 1801; was inaugurated President of the United States, March 4th, 1809, in which office he continued, by re-election, eight years; died June 28th, 1836, in the 86th year of his age. Six days added to his life would have carried him to the 4th of July, on which memorable day all his predecessors in the office of President died, with the exception of Washington. The proud but melancholy list, now stands as follows:
George Washington,10th Dec.179968
John Adams,4th July }1826{91
Thomas Jefferson,4th July84
James Monroe,4th July183173
James Madison,June 28183686

     The average age of the five is 80 years and a fraction. John Quincy Adams is the only Ex-President who survives. --Journal of Commerce.

     DEATH OF MR. MADISON. -- It does not appear that Mr. Madison suffered from illness, it was a gradual prostration of the vital powers, -- his mind at times was more than ordinarily clear and luminous, and when roused by the conversation of his friends, was cheerful in an extraordinary degree. That excellent and exalted woman, Mrs. Madison, never left him for a moment, but cheered him to the last with those friendly attentions for which she has ever been remarkable. His remains were interred at the family vault at Montpelier, on the 30th June, amid the tears of an affectionate family, and sorrowing neighborhood. --Journal of Commerce.