Just The One (Opus 2)

By Manus Hand

About the Composition

This is my first attempt at writing a rag, and I very much like the process. Whether I turn out to be any good at it at all remains to be seen, but at least I have a lot of fun. Maybe I'm just easy to satisfy, but I don't think this first one is half bad.

As it stands, it needs a lot of work, but the major themes are in there. They could use some playing around with, and a couple other themes are needed. Also, quite a bit of work should be done on the transitional phrases, but I fooled myself into thinking it was good enough to be sent out to the public, so you're stuck with it in its current state.

I named the song "Just The One" because as I wrote it, it was all in C major until I found I needed just one flat note to complete the first theme. That became the title, even as other flats got pulled in and put to work later in the piece. So, since I liked the title, I decided it would stay, and in my mind, I give the title a romantic meaning instead.